Just another day in Paradise.

Just another day in Paradise.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A princess gets her crown(s).

Due to neglect on her parents part, ultra-thin primary tooth enamel, lack of fluoride in the water, genetics and a love for all things chocolaty and candy coated, A. now has the makings of what is sure to be a fine looking grill someday.

Although she wasn't too keen on the tools they were using (note to dentist - they still hurt even when your assistants give them cutesy names) she is actually quite proud of her silver teeth. Although her mother is slightly embarrassed that her daughter now looks like a kid from the Ozarks who sipped soda through their bottle as a baby (must be those Missouri roots in us), she is proud to show them to anyone she meets. Especially adults who might have a silver tooth or two of their own - i.e. the checker at Walgreens, whom I'm pretty sure had diamonds in hers. I guess we'll have to ask for the fancy ones next time.

There will not be a next time.

However, I am kinda glad that until they fall out we don't have to spend all that much time brushing those silver beauties.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Seriously confused.

I'm not the greatest at keeping track of time (minutes and hours or weeks and months)- If I am writing a check I will for sure stare blankly at the date line until someone offers me the month for starters. And I don't have kids in school so I don't have a great gauge of seasons. Now, since we just went from endless summer to Autumn in July to a September heatwave I am really messed up - the Christmas decor popping up in the stores doesn't help either. But I really thought I had a handle on what day comes after Sunday. Today's Monday right? How come everytime I go to MSN.com it says Tuesday September 23 at the top. Did I sleep right through Monday? No wonder I got up so early today after being up so late (at least what I thought was) last night.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oppressor no more.

With Ryan's selfless service to his country and having turned out to be an excellent husband and father, I think it is time to formally release him as an oppressor of women. Of course I am taking the liberty of speaking for a small group of liberated (yet anonymous) women but I think 12 years is sufficient time to have passed in order to do so...right ladies?
For some this bit of humorous nostalgia will need no explanation. If you need a little background - a few of us in high school started a feminist underground newspaper called "In Bloom". We claimed that the purpose of our publication was "not to say that women are superior" but rather our goal was "expression: beautiful, sincere, truthful EXPRESSION". Although I'm pretty sure that the article entitled Why Guys Suck doesn't fall into the latter category. It only lasted a few issues...but it may have contributed to my getting a scholarship from the National Organization of Women (NOW) (I'm sure they would be pleased with the choices I have made with my life - ha!) Anyhow, I'm glad I saved them because they are quite funny all these years later. I may release more writings but I'll probably have to censor some of it first.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Home sweet lot.

Today we became land owners. There is officially no turning back - we're building a house.

Latest Installment.

My newest nephew has made it into the world in record time. Well under two hours from initial contraction to very first breath. Introducing...

Jack River Westbrook

For details and more pictures go here.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Aloha from Sunny California.

It's way too sunny here, in fact the darn sun has caused multiple 100+ F days since we have been here. I was hoping for some warm weather in contrast to the fall-like days we had been seeing in Washington but this is ridiculous. A. said while we were driving the other day - "Mom, I know what this place is called - the desert". Good to know she's got her habitats straight. Anyhow, the word up north is that the days are perfect beautiful and sunny end of summer type days. I'm sure winter will have hit by the time we get back.

I've only got a week left but some of the things am really enjoying or looking forward to while being "home" (besides visiting friends and family - that's a given): Cuca's bean and cheese burritos, In-N-Out (grilled onion, extra tomato and pickles please), Mason's Sunday School class, Ziba eyebrow threading, being a soccer-aunt, rental cars, cool evenings....I'm sure there are more but time is short...gotta get on the road!

Here are some pics of the trip, including the bus ride - or rides - to the airport. Even though it added a few hours I was glad to know we can walk out of our front door and make it to the airport without needing a ride - what freedom! I gave Miles a pack of M&M's and told him he couldn't open them until he was on the plane and that little guy held onto them for 4 hours.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

St Louis Wedding Weekend

I got to go to the Labor Day weekend union of Dr.'s Kwame Curtis and Christy Jayne in St. Louis and besides being a beautiful ceremony and reception (at the St. Louis zoo no less), it turned out to be a mini swim team reunion of sorts. There was certainly no doubt which bridesmaids were swimmers with shoulders and tan lines like that! Ben couldn't make it but I found a stand in for him (see far right photobooth strip). Congrats Christy and Kwame!!