Just another day in Paradise.

Just another day in Paradise.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello, 2015?

Is this mic on? tap tap tap

 I feel like I have been missing something the last twenty-some months or so.  Photos that have gone un-uploaded, thoughts that have had no where to escape and a general feeling of disconnect from cyberspace and all of the grandparents, aunts and friends that live there.

Lots has changed since I have been consistent in posting.  We live in a totally different climate.  I don't wear glasses anymore.  I finally broke down and bought a smartphone (used on Ebay but still).  My VW broke down too many times to make it a reliable primary vehicle, but I still have it, for now.  We have a cat (yikes).  Miles is a cub scout. Avery is a girl scout. Cruz learned how to swim. Ben doesn't get up at 5am for work. Otherwise we are mostly the same.  Stay tuned!