Just another day in Paradise.

Just another day in Paradise.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The end of August and nary a tomato.

From a distance my garden looks good but production of actual things to eat has been weak. Apparently you need sun to yeild fruit. All I can hope for is an extended growing season via a mild fall. But I'm not holding my breath.

I would really really like at least one full size ripe tomato, I do have seven large leafy plants after all (plus a cherry and a grape size). But it isn't all bad.

I grew four different types of green beans this year - three with climbing tendancies (Malibu, Tall Telephone and Yard Long) and one bush. The bush variety was Burgandy (purple really) which turned green when you cooked them which was fun.

Plenty of lettuce. Our climate is good for that. And a beet. Never been a fan of beets but I think that was just the pickled kind they served on salads at the San Gorgonio Inn. Now that I'm grown up I can handle a roasted or sliced fresh beet now and then. I grew the Chiogga type which has flesh kind of like a bullseye.

Rainbow Chard. A cousin of the beet. Flavor is okayish. Healthy for sure and a beautiful addition to the garden.

Sun Gold cherry tomatoes. All 5 of them.

One cucumber. Burpless. Whatever that means.

Tomatillos. Difficult to grow from seed. My seeds didn't grow but I bought a small plant that turned into a large plant with tons of fruit. I just hope that they can ripen.

The tomatillo plant is like four feet by four feet wide. It makes good shade for the lettuces.

Broccoli. It grew but I didn't realize it prefers cooler weather and planted it in the same sunny row as my Japanese eggplant which likes it hot. And hasn't fruited yet.

Strawberries. Seascape and another kind I can't remember the name of. They are prolific right now.
The most exciting thing in the garden this year - Artichokes! What a cool looking plant. I grew these from seed.

Baby oranges being pollinated by bees. I consider this just good practice for the bees since I'm pretty certain oranges won't grow here. (But I'm sure going to try again this year)

Blueberries. Darrow.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WiPEOuT - What they didn't show you.

First of all, Brittany "scared little girl" Lyons is not 22 years old as listed (but that would make me only 24ish...), although she could definately pass for it.

What they didn't show this scared little gal doing was successfully negotiating the Smack Wall and garnering the fastest time in the first round of 24. Probably because they were too busy dubbing her screams in. She said you might have noticed that her mouth wasn't moving during some of those. Granted, some were very very real. Did you see the Motivator take her out* (hee hee)? My favorite part was when she was stuck on the things that bumped up and down.

On the second round where she eventually made her exit she said it took over an hour to film it and that at one point they had to stop and give them tips and slow it down so that people would start making it. On TV it looked like she barely attempted that portion but she assured me that she tried at least 6 times and that when you see her bending over standing on the platform, she isn't waiting for a good time to go. She's sucking wind because she just climbed up the ladder yet again.

All in all she knows that you don't go on that show to look good. I know I wouldn't have looked better. Avery on the other hand, has some tips for her aunt and is quite sure that she could navigate the obstacles with ease. So when they have Jr. Wipeout, watch out, I just might sign her up to take her down.

*On the wipeoutphotos.com there are some great frame by frame shots of her. Episode 311 photosA0727-759. They are in the 200-300 photo range.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Britt (my lovely, and temporarily insane sister) is on ABC's Wipeout tonight 8/7c.

See her photo here. (At least at time of publishing it was her. Although you may not recognize her covered in mud)

The episode title is Mustard, Ketchup and Wipeout Weenies. Descriptor: Contestants tackle obstacles including Organ Grinder, Dizzy Dummy and Smack Wall while dodging condiments and wipeout weenies. Sounds awful. (Awfully funny!)

She described this experience, which actually occurred in January, as the most painful, horrendous thing she has ever done. And she used to run the 800, so it must be bad.

I particularly like how her boyfriend described it in an email invitation for their viewing party. Subject - Wonder where those bruises came from?:
Nope. It wasn't overzealous jump dancing on tequila-laced mosaic tile. It was the Motivator. It was the four red orbs made of galvanized rubber. It was the 24 hydraulic charged punching gloves designed to readjust your mandible and your pelvis. It was the strange idea that it is worth risking multiple lacerations, torn knee ligaments, spinal separation, never-walk-againedness and a premature interview with the Angel Gabriel in order to command control of $26,654.46 after taxes. In a word, it was Wipeout. Brittany has generously donated her home as a viewing station for the momentous event (she would also like to donate her left kidney as well, since it doesn't really work that well anymore.)

Not familiar with the show? (I wasn't until last week)
Here's a little taste.

Now get back to work.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Si.

Roundtrip 4.4 miles. Elevation Gain 1200 ft.
Hikers: Britt, Lynn (plus one), Eric (plus one), Ruth, Avery
Riders: Cruz (first hike!)
Half Hiker, Rider when it counted: Miles

Before (above) and after (below) the big fall into the mud. Better than off a cliff.
At the top!

Then on for apres-hike doughnuts and kebabs at Lola.


Since I can't figure out how to download my own pictures I have to steal these from my sister's Facebook page. Thanks Eric.

This is Ben's Cruz's latest trick. He can also amazingly grasp his toes on demand. He might also possibly be able to grab his mom's nose on suggestion or maybe that's just what he does when I put my face in his face by default.

I think I remember how to do this.

Been on vacation (although really, when is traveling with 3 kids by yourself a vacation?). Lost a computer and all of it's contents two days before getting external hard drive in the mail to back up all files in case of emergency. Hoping to recover pictures because I have some major backposting to do. Didn't feel like I missed much being offline for a while. But, I'm a little bit scared to check my email. And considering how long it is taking me to figure out how to upload current pictures I'm not sure how quickly I'll be up and running. But just a warning. I am going to start from today and work backward...and forward at the same time. If I can find a USB port. Now the baby is awake and I squandered my free time.

But the good news is...summer finally came.