Just another day in Paradise.

Just another day in Paradise.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My First Science Fair

Pet Paw Preference - Avery
School: Sweepstakes Winner
District (or whatever level was next):  Sweepstakes Winner
Prepared: the night before.

Are dogs left or right pawed?  Turns out most do have a preferred "hand".


"The Awesome Popcorn" - Miles
School: First Place (this is below Sweepstakes)
Prepared: Well in advance and all by himself

Does one brand of popcorn pop better than another.  Couldn't use bagged popcorn because all of the weights differed among brands.  Used 100 kernals and popped in pan for 2 minutes.  Try each of three brands.  Repeat and repeat again.

Findings - the "best" brand was Jiffy Pop - however, that brand was a white popcorn vs a yellow corn.  Another girls project that tested different colors of corn, found white to pop the best also.

Is he his dad's kid or what?

My favorite slide from the whole science fair - not sure why this one didn't win:

PS - Here is another random school science project by Avery. 
Photographed for posterity, disposed of in the name of sanity and order. 
 Rest in Peace.

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m.m. said...

Those cute science geniuses :) I do love Avery matching her braces to her sweatshirt and also to her science project color scheme. Girl knows how to work it.