Just another day in Paradise.

Just another day in Paradise.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hola 2014!

With a giant bucket of Popcornopolis assorted mix by my side I am excited to welcome the new year and get back to the keyboard again (my right wrist and it's ulner nerve issues...less excited).  Being a more faithful blogger is not my new years resolution*, it just so happens that we barely unpacked our computer a few weeks ago and I have been legitimately off-line and unplugged since last June.  And it has been that long since I have had a kitchen also.  We are only partially moved in to our new place (we made an Army sponsored move to Texas/Mexico) So much and so little has happened in the last six months but I hope to be able to fill in snippets as I download pictures from the camera and as pertinent events are recalled.  I am also starting a new blog reminiscent of our Washington house building site that will serve as a very depressing record of our attempt to remodel an old house instead of building from scratch (the latter is way easier).  The progress can be followed here once I find the courage to relive the last few months.

So, last I left off we were in the middle of this (packing to move):

Once we were packed and on the road we did this:

the highlight of the summer was this:

All leading up to this:

*This year my efforts will be toward speaking more kindly to my husband especially when discussing matters related to house improvements as terse words do not improve a tense situation (it only makes for good tv and we don't have a reality show).  Hopefully the kids will be kinder to each other as a result of my example.  Happy New Year everybody!


Ruby in the Rough said...

YAY! An update!!! I hear you about this year's resolution. . . except mine is playing video games all day. Sigh. That house-building blog made me miss your house. . . probably not as much as you do.

I can't believe you've been unplugged for six months. You. Are. Amazing.

JMK said...

Hey! I've not been on the blog site for awhile. I need to get back. So much to try and catch up on but are you in TX??? We're in SA another 2 years at least....please let me know if you come to SA? :)