Just another day in Paradise.

Just another day in Paradise.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Um, How do you spell that?

There always seems to be a funny story about what people name their kids, either in the news or passed around among friends.  Some of the most famous (Lemongello and Orangegello) have been written off as urban legend, but I don't know if that's because even once a true story starts getting sent as a mass email it's truthfulness becomes suspect or what.  (I am actually quite positive that someone has named their children these names, I just don't know about the accuracy of surrounding details).  Recently in the news someone named their baby Hashtag - a girl.  When you have family members and friends who are teachers or doctors you often get to hear of some good ones.  Some of my favorites include:

-Velvet and Velvida (sp?)(twins)
-Pajama (pa-juh-may)
- Courvoisier
- Amazion
-La-A (la-dash-a) (this name has been seen and confirmed by two people I know and trust - in  different hospitals!)
- Million Dollar Baby (if someone can legally become Metta World Peace or Trout Fishing in America then why the heck not?)

Since it is football season, which always brings some delightful names into the spotlight, I thought this spoof was pretty funny:

And for the record, using suspect judgement when naming children is not unique to any one race or nationality.  Except for in Iceland, where we learned recently that you can only select your childs name from a state approved list, even if it is a nice name with a nice meaning.  In fact here is a spoof on the excellent baby-namers from the state of Utah for good measure:

What are some of your favorite names you've heard?


jillybean's world said...

Poor Dan Smith...such a boring..normal..name..go BYU!!@

Berd said...

A nurse who helped deliver my last baby said she helped deliver a baby whose name was pronounced "Ab-sid-dee". It was spelled Abcde.

Adoption for Us said...

We had a server at a Cracker Barrell in GA tell us that her daughter was named Nevaeh, "That's heaven spelled backwards." she said.