Just another day in Paradise.

Just another day in Paradise.

Friday, July 11, 2008

June Recap

For a number of reasons - namely that we could make money* - we decided to move ourselves and forgo the military move this time. They were late with Ben's orders and we weren't sure if we would be able to schedule a move through them anyhow. By the time everything was straightened out we had already started the PPM (personally procured move) process. Besides, we hadn't unpacked everything from our last move and they damaged some of our furniture last time (hopefully we won't). So far the only casualties of moving ourselves have been the children. Their toys were the first things to be packed up which didn't phase them and they quickly set to work making forts and such with the boxes. They also enjoyed the smell of the Sharpie and would race to try to smell a fresh label before it dried. I did not encourage this. In other unhealthy news, they were nutritionally neglected as the loading date approached going from Pb & J sandwiches to PB & Honey on a spoon to here's a jar of peanut butter feed yourselves. They also ate a lot of popsicles.

*If you are concerned about your tax dollars being pocketed by the Westbrook family, please note that by doing a move ourselves we do get paid to do the work but at a lesser rate than full-time movers. So by helping curb excessive government spending it's a win-win.

Ben - Worked full time all month at the hospital then spent every other minute disassembling furniture and electronics and helping me pack. Not only did he "graduate" from his internship program but he earned his first decoration as a soldier by getting an Army Achievment Medal for his service at Tripler.

Avery - Was our chief box decorator and labeler - I suppose only to get closer to the Sharpie's. She colored boxes with rainbows and dancing roses (her specialties) and actually helped label boxes with me spelling the words for her. She also learned how to spell and write the names of all of the immediate family members and now we know which ones we are in her family portraits.

Miles - Did lots of "boy" things like skateboarding down the loading ramp (on his belly), bringing slugs into the house, kicking things and collecting rocks in his pockets. Some of the things he did while wearing a faux-pearl encrusted pink headband or pink princess bike helmet, but he looked manly just the same.

Me- I spent the majority of the month recovering from my fall - only to find out the mishap could have been avoided had I simply brought a gift, such as a lei, to place on the sacred lands. Luckily I didn't try to take any part of the mountain with me as a souvenir or my injuries would have been much much worse as I was informed by a couple of Aunties at church. To top it off it turned out I had a pneumonia or bronchitis of some sort, which I ignored (as much as you can ignore a hacking cough) until we were finished packing. I finally let B. get me antibiotics (even though I could be described as anti-antibiotics) and guess what? Modern medicine prevailed and I feel a ton better, not to mention people are willing to stand near me again. I thought it for the best before taking a 5 hour plane ride.


Amy said...

So where are you?

Lisa said...

So when do you guys leave for Washington? Are you guys living anywhere near the Arnett's? Good luck with the move! I love your blog...it definitely keeps me updated on your exciting life!
Lisa Juhasz

Chelsey said...

Good to see you back blogging again. I missed you when you were away. So where are you guys? Washington or Hawaii? Can't wait to hear all about your new life!

jen said...

Love all the new posts! Glad you're feeling better. The pics are great!

sara said...

okay, so you've moved we get it, when are you going to surface and answer your phone again???? i need an update on what is going on in wash.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn
Ok so I dont have any up to date info on you guys, I just tried calling but i think it was your Hawaii #. Anyway so give me a call I have a few Q's for you. Talk to you soon and I hope all went well with the move.

Tami said...

Isn't it a relief to get all the packing done. Carol loved to label the boxes as well. Don't expect your money too soon, we haven't gotten ours yet. Can't wait to see what the new blog picture will be(something forresty I'm guessing).

Juls said...

A fall and pnuemonia?! Sorry.

Terese said...

Good luck with the move. Your kids are hilarious with the sharpie sniffing!

Jennie said...

Are you in mourning yet? At least Washington is alright in the summer. Are you already planning your next trip back to Hawaii? We miss you guys.

April said...

Making a trip to WA in September --- hope I'll get a chane to spy on you then! Thinking not so much pneumonia/bronchitis, but maybe baby???? Doesn't little Miles need a brother/sister?

Anonymous said...

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